Power Marketing Strategies for Instagram

How to use Instagram to attract clients  and strengthen your marketing

The use of social networks is increasingly inserted in the daily lives of people, both as a form of entertainment, to acquire knowledge or to pass the time. Considering that Brazilians spend 13.8 hours per month in social networks, according to a study carried out by SurveyMonkey, being the ones that spend most of their time online in these environments, investing in this market is very likely to bring returns to companies that want to generate relationships with their consumers .

Regarding the market for weddings, the use of social networks and the internet by brides and grooms is constant. The internet is used to get inspirations, suppliers and also to know the experience of other couples and get directions.

Social networks, especially those focused on images such as Instagram and Pinterest, and blogs are widely used environments as sources of inspiration and, consequently, for the knowledge of new suppliers.

To use Instagram as a marketing tool for bridal attraction follow some tips:

Create interesting content

Do not create only publications with photos of what you sell, whether they are wedding dresses, wedding space or buffet. Think about the type of content your buyer persona wants to consume (not all marriages are equal!) And that will help them in their choices. So, insert your products in the context of marriage in order to humanize the brand. For example: a bride experiencing the dress, while the seamstress makes the adjustments and the mother the godmother watches the scene happily. Also, offer tips, dress trends, makeup, hairstyles in the case of a wedding dress shop. A wedding space can give decoration tips, show the parties you've already done, photos of the bride and groom, etc.

Use hashtags

The hashtags are a content curation format that helps your target audience who still does not know their work to find it on Instagram. However, it should not only be a caption for hashtags, as this makes it appear that the company wants to only self-advertise not good for its advertising in instagram, in addition to leaving the legend polluted. Write something, not too big, aimed at the target audience (a hint, for example) and then add a few relevant hashtags to reach the desired niche.

#Type: not to pollute the caption you can also put the hashtags in the comments.

Create a Location

Whenever you're posting something about your business, place the location. In the case of a wedding dress shop, the location tool can help brides who have enjoyed their dresses, find the address more easily and come to your store. In the case of party space, it helps the bride and groom know where their space is to get to know you. Also, by clicking on the location, the user will be able to see all the photos that have already been taken in that location, including those of other clients.

Promote content produced on the company's blog
Blog content is heavily consumed by brides. Whenever you post something new on your blog, share a photo in your Instagram telling who is with you and post the bio link for a period.

Complete the "bio" of your business completely

The "bio" is a mini bio that Instagram makes available to its users, in which it is possible to write information about the company, such as contact phone, email and put link to the site. This bio can be updated whenever necessary, so, as stated in item 4, you can inulizar the link of the site to the one of some specific post within your blog. This is the only clickable link on Instagram.

Ask the couple to post photos and mark your business

Encourage the bride and groom to take pictures of your products / services and tag you. Thus, you are being referenced to the network of contacts of this groom, and can reach other potential customers.

It's good to just remember that negative points can also turn out to be photography, so pay dearly for the quality of your service / product and make your Instagram a good network of new business recommendations for your company!

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