Instagram Marketing to help your business Flourish

Instagram for businesses: the marketing that can work

Several changes have been happening on Instagram this year, and many have to do with how businesses use the application. Until recently, Instagram for Business allowed to create ads using Facebook Ads. Little by little, Instagram's advertising services will offer more business alternatives. One is the ability to query statistics and information from your followers using a tool very similar to Facebook Insights. And that's just the beginning.

  • In fact, recent data show that the Instagram team is currently working on the development of various features based or inspired by the services of the

  • Facebook advertising platform. These are the main ones:

  • Creating business-specific profiles (something like Facebook pages).

  • Provide more information about the performance of each post made by a brand (even non-sponsored posts).

The ability to create ads on Instagram from mobile devices, either through an external application or through the same Instagram app.

All of these changes will possibly be officially released in the coming months, is what ensures this series of Postcron articles.

Meanwhile let's take a look at what can be done to have a good marketing strategy in the most popular photo application of the moment. Let's see how to take advantage of Enterprise Instagram to improve your relationship with your audience and talk right to your audience.

Since being acquired by Facebook, Instagram, the social network focused on visual content, has gradually positioned itself as a platform for communication and advertising of great profitability.

Who could believe that an application that Facebook bought would become a home to more than 300 million active users? Since 2010, when Instagram has emerged, well-known brands, social network influencers, celebrities, and smart business owners have taken advantage of the app to engage their target audience.

Now let's see some data to understand the importance that this network can have for your business:

Why use Instagram for business?

Instagram has two fundamental advantages that make it an ideal space to reach the audience. On the one hand, the social network was acquired by Facebook, platform that has the most complete advertising resources today. And its benefits are shared with Instagram.

On the other hand, the types of content that are published in Instagram are the most shared in Social Media. According to statistics, videos and photos are among the most shared publications in the world. That means they are very effective at attracting users!

Even though it has a desktop version - which has fewer features - it is in the mobile app that Instagram is a hit with users. Therefore, the platform represents a fertile space to connect to your audience: 80% of internet traffic comes from Smartphones.

Due to the worldwide success of Instagram, it is not only the companies that use the tools of diffusion offered by this social network, the celebrities and digital influencers of the moment also make use of available resources.

Instagram has already gone from Twitter and Skype and continues to climb the list dominated by Mark Zuckerberg's other two social networks and his mobile app: Facebook, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Instagram's engagement rate (comments and likes) is pretty high, which shows that users are willing to interact with the content you share. For example, according to the statistics, 50% of the comments are made up to 6 hours after the publication has been made.

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